New items of clothing, which are often initially purchased for over one hundred euros, lose most of their value on the second hand market. For this reason, the clothing we sort is not sold individually, but rather by kilogramm.

It is very important to sort out the good quality clothing, because these fetch a much higher return on investment than clothing intended for industrial rag use, for example. Clothing is generally sorted by hand. Our sorters are specially trained by us and must quickly and effectively recognise and sort out fashion trends. Therefore, we invest lots of time in training our employees and offer them secure positions.

Sorting by hand
Quickly and effectively recognise
and sort out fashion trends

Transport robots

To make sorting easier for our sorters, Joan Smaal Textielrecycling uses special conveyor belts that automatically deliver goods to the sorting racks and to the presses, in which clothing is packaged. The majority of the sorted clothing is pressed into textile bales weighing between 40 and 80 kg. The bale form allows for effective loading into overseas shipping containers, in which sorted clothing is shipped around the world.