10 million kg of clothing are sorted every year by Joan Smaal Textielrecycling in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, the Netherlands. Most of the collected clothing comes from Germany and other affluent European countries as well as from the Netherlands.

Joan Smaal Textiel Recycling BV produces over 250 different sorts when sorting clothing: men’s trousers, women’s trousers, children’s clothing, shoes, men’s shirts, women’s blouses, bed linens, hand towels etc.. Additionally we provide almost every sort in different quality levels. The specific quality of the sorted items is always negotiated with the certain buyer.

Ten million kilograms of
clothing annually
250 different categories

Office and organisation work

Clothing sorting is a question of efficiency and astute market observation, in order to react to changes in fashion trends and other permanent changing influences worldwide. Therefore, we have formed trust-based relationships with our customers in order to guarantee the various item qualities and to ensure the smooth sale of sorted clothing. Clothing no longer of use in Europe can still find buyers in other parts of the world and the quality is sometimes still better than cheaply and poorly manufactured new items.